My conceptual / influential articles (also on Reddit and on Hacker News):

Scrolling with pleasure
Technology of smooth / high-precision scrolling on modern computers.

Typing with pleasure
Human- and machine aspects of typing latency, experimental data on latency of popular text / code editors.
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Low-latency painting in AWT and Swing
In-depth analysis of delay sources in AWT / Swing architectures, methods to significantly reduce the drawing latency.
Code examples

Design Patterns in Scala
Adoption and transformation of classical software design patterns in Scala.
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Scala Collections Tips and Tricks
Simplifications and optimizations of typical Scala Collections API usages.
Chinese translation 1 | Chinese translation 2 | Russian translation | Code examples

Scala for Project Euler
Concise functional solutions to the first 33 Project Euler problems.
Code examples

Ninety-nine problems in Scala, Java, Clojure and Haskell (with multiple solutions).
Code examples

Twitter, Puddles and foldlr
Concise, functional, single-pass solution to “waterflow” problem by introducing “foldlr” function (in Haskell, Scala and Clojure).

Install IntelliJ IDEA on Raspberry Pi
Instruction on how to install and run IntelliJ IDEA on Raspberry Pi.

Access your Raspberry Pi from anywhere
Method for accessing a Linux device behind NAT router with dynamic IPs using DDNS & UPnP.