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Upgrade Arch Linux for Raspberry Pi 2

Posted in Linux on May 23rd, 2015 by Pavel – 17 Comments

Raspberry Pi 2 model B v1.1 (see the note below)This articles shows how to transition from Raspberry Pi to Raspberry Pi 2 without reinstalling Arch Linux.

Arch Linux ARM images are tied to specific hardware architecture. While this may be seen as an inconvenience, there is an advantage in that Arch Linux binaries for Raspberry Pi 2 are compiled for ARM7 CPU and thus can benefit from the new instruction set.

Because ARM7 architecture is backward compatible with ARM6, it’s possible to upgrade your Raspberry Pi hardware to version 2 without reinstalling Arch Linux. Here is how we can do that (it goes without saying, that if you have any important data, consider backing it up first).
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