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Access your Raspberry Pi from anywhere

Posted in Linux on May 18th, 2015 by Pavel – 27 Comments

Console to Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi is an ideal platform for setting up personal services, like Git daemon, remote backup server, proxy server… you name it. However, while the device is small and handy it is still not so portable as a server, because conventional server installation usually includes domain name registration, setting up static IP addresses and configuring port forwarding on a router.

In this article I will show you how to utilize DDNS and UPnP technologies, so you will be able to simply plug your Raspberry Pi into an Ethernet port on (almost) any router and then securely access your own services from anywhere. The instructions are also applicable to a wireless connection (just use wlan0 instead of eth0 for Wi-Fi).

In a sense, the suggested approach solves the same problem as reverse SSH tunneling, but differently — there’s no need for a “visible” IP address on client side / middle machine (however, the provider’s IP on server side must be accessible), so it’s possible to establish connection with dynamic IPs, router’s NAT on server side and NAT on client side. Besides, this method is not limited to SSH and can handle other types of connections.
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