SleepArchiver is open sourced

SleepArchiver code with GPLv3 licenseWhile I am currently working hard on Scala plugin for IntelliJ IDEA at JetBrains, I have no time to continue development on SleepArchiver. However, there are still many useful features that could be implemented, so I decided to open source SleepArchiver and put the project on SourceForge under GPLv3 license.

SleepArchiver at

A list of features yet to be implemented:

  • Translate GUI to other languages
  • Create .deb software package for Ubuntu
  • Create .dmg image for Mac OS X
  • Implement data analysis
  • Add an ability to import data from Sleeptracker bundled software
  • Write good documentation
  • …your most wanted feature 🙂

Everyone is welcome to contribute by becoming a developer and join the project.

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